Training Videos for GroupWise 2014

Delaying Delivery
Delaying the delivery of an email message so that is sent at a later date or time.
Using the Vacation Rule Wizard
Creating an automated message to inform contacts you are out of the office.
Archiving an Item
Moving a GroupWise item to the archive folder.
Understanding Address Books
Exploring the GroupWise Address Book and various sub-books you can create to organize contacts.
Retracting a Sent Item
Retracting sent messages that may contain errors or incorrect information.
Handling Scheduling Conflicts
Using email and calendar to handle scheduling conflicts in GroupWise 2014.
Understanding Calendar Views
Viewing your calendar by day, week, month or year.
Sending a Modified Attachment
Sending an email message with an attachment you have edited or changed.
Delegating an Appointment
Using GroupWise 2014 to delegate an appointment.
Viewing Properties
Viewing properties in GroupWise 2014.
Understanding Integration with the Windows Taskbar
Understanding how to utilize GroupWise 2014 in the Windows taskbar.
Scheduling Enhancements
Scheduling appointments using the new features in GroupWise 2014.
Adding and Editing a Contact
Understanding how to add and edit contacts in GroupWise 2014.
Customizing the Toolbars
Customizing the buttons and commands availabe on the GroupWise toolbar.
Sending and Receiving Appointments
Learning how to send and receive appointments in GroupWise 2014.
Sending and Receiving Email
Learning how to send and receive mail in GroupWise 2014.
Web Access Enhancements
Understanding the new web access enhancements for GroupWise 2014.
Signature Enhancements
Understanding how to utilize new signature enhancements in GroupWise 2014.
The Options Slide-out
Understanding the new options slide-out in GroupWise 2014.